Off to a Great Start

20170919_154319HD Indoor Storage is a new Indoor Storage Facility for RVs, Boats and Cars off Exit 31 of the PA Turnpike.  We are proud of this project because it is built around what owners are looking for — what we are looking for!  We are offering individual, storage bays with the ability to expand your space to a pull-through or double wide unit.  We also are adding vacuum station, tire inflation station and dump station.

If you want to know more about the new facility and what we are offering, check out  If you are interested in RVs, Camping, Boating, Classic and Muscle Cars, you’re in the right place.


HD Indoor Storage: Location! Location! Location!

Took a field trip on Friday to HD Indoor Storage to get an update on the ongoing construction of our Best-in-Class Facility. And what a ride! The HD Indoor family is spread out a bit in our neck of the woods of Pennsylvania. While some live nearby in Montgomery County, I live near West Chester about 10 minutes from the PA Turnpike.  It took me about 40 blissful minutes to get to the site and here are my thoughts from the road…

Location #1: Turnpike Easy Breezy

I talked about upgrading over the summer from a trailer to a motorhome — and we did it! We took an Epic Road trip this summer. And yes, I stood at the foot of Pablo at South of the Border.  While I adore the new Motorhome, it has its challenges: It is bigger, taller, wider than our old set-up.  And on the open road, it’s a dream.  But, navigating some backroads to a campground get-away can be a little stressful.

But, as I jumped on the Turnpike and headed up the Northeast Extension. I thought “This is a breeze!” Three lane highway –I’m in heaven. And off the Lansdale Exit 31, is populated with Industrial Parks. Industrial Parks = Trucks = Big Rig Friendly Roads. Every second is an eternity on a narrow, winding road in the motorhome. So, getting to HD Indoor is a quick and EASY ride.

Location #2: Good Neighbors!

Another advantage of HD Indoor Storage is the neighborhood. And I don’t just mean the neat and clean Industrial Park it is located in.  Within minutes of 630 Hagey Road, Souderton you can find the following help for your RV, Boat or Classic Car…

I wish I could say we didn’t come back from a trip with a problem from time to time. It is nice to have someone nearby to help. There was a tire pressure issue in South Carolina that I wish I had 3 RV providers nearby, but that is a story for another day. (Makes me “tired” just thinking of it — Ok, moving on….)

Location #3: On the way to the Mountains, Shore and Bay…

HD Indoor Storage is on the way to many great destinations.  I made these nifty graphics to show how central we are to fun!


Being on the way to so many great places, changes how you think about storage.  Instead of packing your RV away and saying “Good-bye for the winter.” You are saying, “See ya soon!” Because when ideal conditions hit with indoor storage — you are on the road, on your way to fun. Remember Christmas 2015? I do — I have the pictures of the kids in shorts in the backyard. This year chestnuts roasting by the campfire can happen.

Those are my thoughts from my ride to HD!
Look for my construction update — you can be taking that easy ride to our great location soon!


HD Indoor Storage: Best In Class

So while some members of the HD family were “hitting the road in their Winnebago” this summer, others were raising the roof — the HD Indoor Storage Roof! One word to describe the new facility is: SMART

September is Back-to-School. And if our Project Manager had to write a Back-to-School essay “What I Did On My Summer Vacation…”, it would start like this:

I spent my summer building the best indoor storage facility.

Extra Credit: Construction Pics


Why share construction pictures? Because we are proud of HD Indoor Storage.  And there are things you can see in these pictures that you won’t be able to see when we are done. Some places may want to keep what goes on behind the walls a secret. See why our facility makes the Honor Roll…


Let’s Get Schooled on Radiant Heat

Unlike many other indoor storage facilities, HD Indoor Storage has radiant heat.  We use a radiant floor heating system, warm water flows through flexible, durable crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing that is embedded in the concrete floor. The warmth radiates up.   Radiant heating ensures that cold spots are avoided and room temperatures are more consistent. Because radiant heating does not circulate air, airborne particles are reduced. And you don’t have hot air blowing on the finish and decals of your vehicles which can cause them to peel and yellow.  Protecting your investment is our priority and there is a lesson on Economics.

Radiant Heat 3

Look at this tubing — a work of art.

We Did Our Homework: Wiring

I had a teacher that said, “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”.  She would give us a gold star if she saw our wiring. We made sure each unit is wired for a 15 amp service outlet, lighting and 24 hour monitored smoke and heat protectors. That is that is the benefit of new construction.  You don’t have to compromise and retrofit solutions — you can “Properly Prepare”.  All of this is encased in steel and stone — Pretty-Smart!


Stay tuned for more A+ reports. We can’t wait to have you join us at the Best-In-Class facility, HD Indoor Storage.

Class dismissed!

Can’t Make It to Syracuse? Get you fix here — You’re Welcome!

Plenty of Fun at the 18th Annual PPG Syracuse Nationals for Hot Rodders and Custom Car Owners. After seeing these pics, I am marking my calendar for next year. 8000 cars! Definitely worth the trip. Don’t keep those beauties out in a Syracuse winter. I know just where to park ’em:

RV Trips to Satisfy Your Wanderlust….

I’ve got a case of wanderlust, which simply means “a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about”. The term comes from mid-1800s German. I may have a particularly bad case because I really want to hit the road in a RV with a pantry full of pretzels and a fridge full of bratwurst and beer. Hey, let’s go everywhere…

Camping Trip Vs. Road Trip

I look at our trips in two categories: Road Trip and Camping Trips.  In my mind, it is about the journey vs. the destination.  We have had some great RV trips this season, but they would fall in the “Camping” category. We traveled less than 2 hours. We hunkered down in the campground till we left a couple days later. Great time, fits well in a weekend.

RV Camp with Friends

Road trips take more time –at least they do for us and our 4 kids.  These are farther and when you “stop and smell the roses” – you take in the sights along the way.  And if you have a lot of time, you can recreate the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of trips both Road and Camping – two great trips that go great together. (PS. Camping at Hershey next – can you tell I’m ready?)

Road Trip Inspiration

So, if you are ready to hit the road.  I found this fun link with lots of inspiration: 75 Road Trip Attractions. There are some great picks from our neck of the woods in Pennsylvania, like Frank Lloyd Wright’s House on Kentucky Knob to where Route 66 ends at the Santa Monica Pier in California. And in between, some fun stops I will add to my route like the Fast Fiberglass Mold Graveyard in Sparta, Wisconsin and the Route 66 Arcade Museum in Atlanta, Illinois.


Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Photo credit: Courtesy of

So, I also can across this link: The Worst Tourist Traps In Every State. And to some, this may read as “Stay Away!” I can’t resist. Others must feel the same way because South of the Border in Hamer, South Carolina makes both lists. And while it may not be a destination, the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Cawker City, Kansas is definitely worth a stop.


Until the Rubber Meets The Road…

As always, I leave you with some distractions until your heart can wander. If you cannot quell your wanderlust right away, a good Road Trip Flick may do the trick. My “go-to” is National Lampoon’s Vacation. I really don’t think we need much explanation here — a definite Road Trip Classic.

National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) IMDb

But, another Flick worth the Road Trip is Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. This ride will get you a glimpse of the Cabazon Dinosuars in Palm Springs, California and the Alamo — deep in the heart of Texas!

CABAZON DINOSAURS © Atomazul/shutterstock

Until then, Happy Trails. If you have any Flicks, Trips or Tips to share park them below…

Now We’re Camping! Keeping RV Trips Running Smooth

Keep Rv Trips Running Smoothly

Hello Camping Season! The RV is out of storage and we just returned from our first trip. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal. It rained a lot.  And the pristine condition that we left the RV in when it went into it’s winter slumber is now covered in mud.  We are still trying to get the tent ends to dry out, but the sun has been very shy this May. Once again, the opening on HD Indoor Storage cannot come soon enough — I wouldn’t be waiting for third day to dry outside.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sour on our RV camping.  The right attitude and packing can make the difference.

Camping Requires Letting Go of Perfection

I think the greatest lesson from camping is that it will not be perfect. It may not be what you expect. But, if you can let go and roll with it – great things can happen. Despite the weather it was a good trip.  A little rain can slow things down. But, a good conversation can take off, an old board game has a new life and you remember how satisfying a puzzle can be.

As I have said before, Is there such a thing as a bad camping trip? I was just reading “Go Forth and Camp: Tips for making camping easy” and the author also recalled her history of camping with her family.

And while that week was never without incident — on one trip we lost a tent into the lake and my dad sunburned the bottom of his feet — it was always worth it in the end.

But, Don’t Leave Everything Up To Chance

“Letting go” is easier when you have some options, like a few board games or puzzles. Remember the Scout Motto of “Be Prepared” — think through some situations that might occur, so that if they come up, you’re covered.  I enjoy our RV because I have the room to tuck away those necessities that smooth the bumps in a trip.  My tweezers came in handy this last trip when a nasty splinter appeared. Poison Ivy Wash was a lifesaver last summer.  And there is a basket of sunscreen, bug spray and itch cream that are along for the ride for the season.

What Is Your Camping “Necessity”?

I can do without a lot of things.  And I have weathered, quite a few unpleasant scenarios (i.e., nursing a little camper’s late night stomach bug while dry camping). But, I have found one thing that can make or break me is Coffee.  To be a little quirkier, iced coffee.  I find I can weather almost every storm if I have my iced coffee. So, after our first season of camping, I made sure I had a coffee maker and I pack ice or ice trays for the freezer. My fellow campers appreciate this commitment.

Think about one or two things that might make you a bit more comfortable? Your pillow, a camping chair with a footrest, chocolate.  I found this link with new camping gear suggestions.  I think the canned wine may be a new camping necessity.

I’m looking forward to a Camping Season full of adventure and challenges. As always tips are much appreciated!

Brigantine Shore De-Tour to feature nearly 150 classic cars | News |

We have found the HD Indoor Storage Weekend Trifecta: Camp at the Shore, Cruise the Classic Car Show and float your Boat in the cove at Brigantine, NJ. What a way to start the summer! Who’s in?

May be time for a pilgrimage to the “Rv capital of the World”

My RV is revving up — first trip this weekend! Each year, we do an epic two-week trip. This year it’s west — Midwest. And the RV Hall of Fame and Museum in Bristol, Indiana looks like just the stop. The history of recreational vehicles and motorhomes is on display in the “RV capital of the world.”

Boat Storage Distraction Part #2: Boating Mixed Tape

Boating Mixed TapeOn a day that is teaming with rain and appears to require an Ark, I present the long anticipated Boating Mixed-Tape (Following the ever-popular RV Road trip Mixed Tape).  If you are still longing to get out of boat storage and on the water, this may be a worthwhile distraction.  I have to admit; I think this still needs some work. So if your still stuck ashore, let’s get to work…

Click To Hear:

Is a “Boat” mention enough to make the list?

This is the struggle.  I started with songs with “boat” references, but it gives you a very eclectic sound with some genres really fighting each other.  Should the disco beat of “Don’t Rock the Boat” follow Jimmy Buffet? Should it even make our tape? Does it really capture the chill, cruising atmosphere of boating?

Styx has two great Boat songs!

This is a mixed tape.  I wouldn’t normally repeat a performer.  And Jimmy Buffet did have another contender.  But, when faced with a choice — I could not pick between  “Come Sail Away” and “Boat On The River”.  “Come Sail Away” is a solid classic and makes you want to cast off immediately.  “Boat On The River” has a very cool sound. This is for the sailor with a real calling for the water. I’m hooked. They both stay.

Nostalgic or Cheesy?

At the end of the playlist you will see two questionable choices: “Sailing” by Christopher Cross and “The Love Boat” by Jack Jones. Amazingly both released in 1979 — and that is the problem, are they dated or nostalgic? I want to love them, but after a minute I’m done. So, you decide where it should end.  I’m thinking we’re running two songs too long.

And that brings you to the end or back to the beginning, I myself am going back to “Southern Cross” for the sixth time I have been around the world…

Bon Voyage! (Hope It’s soon!)